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What Is A Malay Wedding Service?

A Malay Wedding Service by a wedding planner covers a lot in the industry ranging from the obvious halal food catering, buffet and wedding desserts to the wedding decorations and bridal services. And what is a wedding without beautiful cakes and entertainment for newly weds and guests?

But for the not so obvious behind the scenes, it could almost be a logistics nightmare for a wedding planner dealing with incomplete wedding décor, missing photographer or even undercooked food!

For the most of us, normally we would rely on close friends and family members to oversee and chaperon the wedding preparations. But we want them to enjoy the celebration on our wedding day too right?

By hiring the best wedding planner in Singapore, it could really lightened the burden off you and your family members. Let’s not forget that everybody is dealing with tremendous stress and trying to be happy at the same time.

Types of Services By A Wedding Planner

Sourcing for different vendors is also part of the service of a wedding planner. With their years of experienced backing them, they have a wide range of connections in their network to source for amazing wedding décor, best wedding gowns, excellent wedding videographer and even car rental companies for coaches to transport wedding guests to different wedding venues.

But be sure to ask for a specific wedding package as it is normally more economical if you are tight on budget. Handling and sticking to the wedding budget is also the responsibility of a great wedding planner. There are also different types of wedding entertainment to consider too that might hurt your wallet.

Who Needs Wedding Planner Services

Planning for a perfect wedding takes months or even years. It requires complete involvement by both the future bride and groom because it is one ceremony and celebration that both will remember for a lifetime.

By engaging a professional and a top wedding planner, the future bride and groom will have better time management as they do not need to juggle between work, family and planning for their wedding.

They would leave minuscule details to the event planner leaving them stress free to concentrate on their wedding when the big day is drawing near. Some would even go to the extent of documenting through videography their journey towards their blissful nuptial ceremony.

Budget For A Perfect and Beautiful Malay Wedding

It’s really impossible to get a fix price for each wedding celebration. Impossible! All couples dream to have the most beautiful wedding in the world, not only in Singapore. Unfortunately not all can afford to be extravagant.

Overspending on your budget for a wedding celebration is the norm. This is true when couples forget to prioritise and get caught up with a irresistible offer like ‘add $100 for an unlimited number of wedding photos’.

A good rule of thumb would be to spend three-quarter of the wedding budget so as not to be unnecessarily in debt. That is definitely not a good way to start a marriage life. That way, any unforeseen expenditure will not be a headache to the couple.

It is recommended that couples sit down and plan their wedding budget, breaking down even on the trivial necessities like adding an extra flavour of drinks for their wedding guests. To buy wedding door gifts from Malaysia is also relatively cheaper compared to buying them in Singapore.

Common Problems Faced On A Wedding Day

Whether we like it or not, the weather will always be unpredictable. On a sunny or rainy day, it is always convenient to have a few extra golf umbrellas. If it rains, the golf umbrella will do a better job protecting the gorgeous wedding dress and of course the precious bridal make-up.

For ceremonies taking place at different wedding venues, having an extra coach booked is also advisable as guests normally tend to follow the crowd and travel together. This way, your loved ones will not be left behind due to insufficient seats.

In an open wedding venue like void-decks or community centres, having a fan near the bride and groom is advisable. You wouldn’t want to be dripping wet with sweat ruining your bridal make up. The same goes for the groom as men tend to perspire more.

Fix Your Wedding Day Problems

How do you find a solution to a problem when it hasn’t happened yet? As the saying goes, ‘Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail’. A sure fire way to come up with solutions even before the headache begins is to do your wedding research and get feedbacks from married couples. Whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong! But try not to overthink that because there is always a solution to every problem.

You can raise all these wedding uncertainties and nightmares to your wedding planner or experienced Mak Andam and see what kind of answers you will get. Chances are, you will find out whether or not you have the best wedding planner in Singapore.


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